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Kerasan Nolita Wall Hung Toilet

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Disegno Matrix Widespread Faucet in Chrome

Disegno Wave Single
Hole Faucet in Chrome

Top D4 Kitchen Faucet
Matte Black/Brushed Gold

Kerasan Flo or Nolita Wall Hung Toilet with Seat

System X10 Shower Kit
System X10

The System X10 from Disegno is a modern shower that looks wonderful in any bathroom. The long shower head and arm, pllus the slide rail witht he hand-held wand give the user great control.

Disegno Raw Kitchen Faucet

This Raw Kitchen faucet by Disengo has a delightful industrial aesthetic for your kitchen. The neck of the faucet plays off the look of exposed pipes to bring a bold look to your countertop.

Zucchetti Nude
Widespread Faucet

Evoke luxury and sensuality in your bathroom with the Zuchetti Nude Widespread faucet. Its curved shape and transparent handles speak to the inspiration of femininity and light.

Disegno Contempo
Widespread Faucet

Delight the senses with the textures of the Contempo Widespread faucet. Each handle is crafted with attention to detail and complements the extra flair on the spout.

*Product promotion pricing valid until November 30, 2020

20% OFF Bath Accessories Plus FREE Delivery*
Some exclusions apply. Product promotion pricing valid until November 30, 2020.

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