Bain Ultra - Transforming Spaces

Elevate your home with the latest in luxury designs from Bain Ultra. The Evanescence Collection is an invitation to turn your relaxation space into a true sanctuary of elegance and wellness.

Oval 6636 Freestanding Bath

Transform your bathroom with a prestige bath. Enjoy the striking design of a freestanding bath and the experience offered by the Hydro-thermo Massage®. Ultra-thin concave walls facilitate access to the bath and create enough space inside for one person to be fully immersed or two to bathe comfortably together.

Rubinet - Catch the Eye

Sleek, modern shapes with a touch of abstract design distinguish The Nouveau Collection from Rubinet, adding a unique element of interest to every day objects.

Nouveau Widespread Lavatory Faucet

In Matte Black with Black and White Accent

Infuse your bathroom with beautiful abstract design with this artistic Nouveau faucet. This lavatory faucet features sophisticated matte black and white accented handles beside a tall, bold, matte black faucet.

“When it comes to taking your space to the next level, think about the additional comforts you want and create the room with these in mind.”

Carol-Lynn, TAPS Bath, Toronto