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Fall/Winter 2020 Lookbook

When it comes to your kitchen and bathroom, you deserve the best.

These two rooms hold so much importance in day-to-day activities. Work with TAPS to find the products you need to make them function exactly how you need without compromising on style. View our lookbook or explore each of our featured brands below to design the perfect space in your home.

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We’ve curated our top picks for kitchen and bathroom designs to inspire your Fall/Winter 2020 renovations. Each piece is designed to make your home the perfect space, allowing you to enjoy every moment, every day.

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“TAPS is committed to helping homeowners design the perfect space in their home. Whether it's the kitchen or bathroom, we know you're looking for a blend of function, design and innovation. Our consultants are here to help you explore our most sought after designs and find products that will fit your needs and style.”

Alan Bloch, Co-Founder of TAPS Bath