The LASALLE Single Control Kitchen Faucet effortlessly weaves an essence of vintage allure, radiating an enduring sense of chic refinement.




Single Control Kitchen Faucet with
Genesis Spout and Industrial Spray

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Widespread Lavatory Set

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Nouveau 2

Single Control Lavatory Set

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Nouveau 3

Dual Handle Lavatory Set

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Rubinet’s collection of lavatory faucet sets transcend the ordinary faucet. These exquisite pieces redefine sophistication, merging form and function seamlessly, to grace your space with a touch of chic luxury.


Widespread Lavatory Set with LaSalle Spout

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Wall-Mounted Lavatory Set

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Pressure Balance

Outdoor Shower

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Shower Seat

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For moments of pure relaxation beneath open skies, the PRESSURE BALANCE Outdoor Shower and the OUTDOOR Shower Seat beckons you to linger longer.

Enjoy the marriage of contemporary design in nature, where Rubinet’s Outdoor Shower and Shower Seat stand as captivating symbols of a life lived elegantly outdoors.

Shower Door

Pull Handle

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Shower Door

90° Glass Hinge

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The NAUTICA Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit is a pinnacle of bathing technology, ensuring a consistent and personalized bathing experience.
With the assurance of a stable temperature, NAUTICA delivers a spa-like sensation, turning each shower into a rejuvenating and indulgent escape.


Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit

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8” C/C Lavatory Faucet, Drain Included

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Wall-Mounted Lavatory Faucet

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Two-Handle Lavatory Faucet

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The MARIE faucet honours the essence of water through its captivating design. Evoking the graceful contours of our planet and waters, its spherical and organic shapes pay homage to Earth’s beauty.


High Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

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Thermostatic Shower Kit

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